Thursday, August 16, 2007

Out from the shadows

I did it - I've emerged from the shadowy world of lurkage. I'll admit it without shame, I am a lurker. I read your blogs faithfully, I follow your projects and I never post a comment. Ever. Until today.
While perusing my list of regularly lurked blogs, I decided that there is no time like the present, so why not chime in on occasion? Today was the day. Incidentally, I prefer "lurk," to "stalk," as it sounds somewhat less creepy.
Phew, it sure is bright out here in the land of posting. It was a post on Knitting Pharm that brought me out. Regia sock yarn? I love that stuff! I made a Child's First Sock from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks from Regia Silk. I say I made a sock because I neglected to make it in a size that would fit me and I frogged it out of frustration. That'll teach me not to swatch. I still have the yarn in my stash and will reknit those socks, once I've gotten over the trauma of it all.

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