Monday, January 28, 2008

FOs and In the works

When last I wrote, I had just finished the last of my christmas knitting - socks for my Dad and his girlfriend. I'm happy to say they are off the needles, washed, blocked, photographed, posted and received. I used the smae zbeehive booklet that I did for the Grey Man Socks. This pattern is charmingly called 4 Ply Plain Sock under the title For Two Feet of Comfort. It's not quite as plain as the name suggests, but darn close. There is a panel of 1x1 ribbing down the leg of the sock to help it stay up. I thought that was a pretty good idea myself, who likes saggy socks? The rest is in plain ol' stockinette stitch. 2 balls of Phildar's Preference did the trick. I've given my opinion on this yarn when I finished off the Grey Man Socks and it hasn't changed. It's a basic, serviceable sock yarn that comes in a fairly basic colour range and holds little in the way of surprises. Good for guy socks, not something I'd choose for myself.

Trekking XXL was the choice for the Girlfriend's socks. I used the Yarrow Ribbed Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks. I often find knitting ribbed socks a bit tedious, but this one had enough going for it to keep me interested. I especially enjoyed the German heel / French toe combination. As always, the pattern was clearly written and easy to follow - thank you Nancy Bush. I'm not sure how I feel about the yarn itself. The colour I really liked, although it wasn't so popular with anyone else. It was the yarn itslef. I found it rather unevely spun - in places it was rather loose and fuzzy and in others it was very tightly spun and almost thread-like, making it knit up a little unevenly, especially worrisome in the high friction area of the heel. Now, this was my first experience with Trekking, perhaps it's an anomally? I have another ball in my stash and will have to knit that up sometime soon to see how it compares.

That's it for FOs, here's what's in the works : here in camp Through the Back Loop we've been suffering from a bout knitterly indecision and perhaps a mild case of castonitis. We beleive that this merely a temporary affliction resulting from an extended period of Knitting For Others and can be easily remedied by some seriously selfish knitting. After emerging from months of Knitting For Others, knitters often find themselves dazed and confused by the mere idea of having no projects in the queue that immediately demand their attention and come attached with Looming Deadlines. In this period of adjustment the knitter will often lose his/her mind and not know What to Knit Next. This can be troubling and lead to sensatiosn of being directionless and adrift in a never ending sea of free internet patterns. We at Through the Back Loop are not ashamed to admit that we have experienced this. We took a deep breath, frogged a sock cast on out of sheer panic and are once again in control of our knitting faculties.

Whilst browsing Ravelry (oh how I love you Ravelry!) for, well, everything, I came across this pattern for some facny mittens. I am a sucker for fancy mittens and it just so happens that my mom's birthday is coming up. Perfect! The yarn is alpaca - the natural colour is a score from a Pacafiesta booth and the other (which is actually more of a maroon/mulberry colour) is Frog Tree Alpaca. So far, the cuff is done. I've been distracted by some selfish knitting - socks for me!

I bought a skein of the Estelle Arequipa. Divine. I am in love. This stuff is fabulous. I want to take it out for dinner I like it so much. I had a hard time choosing a pattern - nothing to complicated, it would get lost in the colours, not a plain one, too boring. So, unable to find on that I liked, I made my own. It's a basic sock - 72 sts on 2mm needles, about 9st/inch. 2x2 Ribbing holds it up and a little cable runs down the inner and out leg. I ended the cable at the heel, but in retrospect, I would ahve continued it down the foot. Live and learn. The first sock is done and the second is well on it's way. There will definitely be more of this stuff in my future.

My final in the works item is a Fleece Artist hat kit. I can no longer deny that it is frickin' cold outside and I do not own a suitable hat. I'm not sure that this one will really do the trick either, but it's pretty and I like the way it looks.
I'm also not sure if I can sustain myself for the miles of stockingette that this hat requires. We shall have to see how well my stick-to-itness holds.
On that note, my toes are chilly so I must get to knitting. And laundry.
One quick note before I go: thank you to MissMe of Knit Me to The End of Time for posting a comment. I swear, getting those emails that let me know of a new comment make my day. If there are any lurkers out there, don't be shy!
Happy knitting!

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