Thursday, March 6, 2008

Two words, sounds like . . .

I haven't posted lately because I was almost certain that my knitting mojo had deserted me. I looked everywhere - in my STR Serendipity? Nope. Latvian mittens? No sir. Surely it must be hiding in my Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks scarf. Uh-huh. I began to despair. Nothing was right. Things got started only to be frogged shortly thereafter. No fun, no fun at all. Then, in serach of inspiration, I went to the yarn store and found me some nice sunny sock yarn. Some Oceanwind Knits Merino in fact. I was certain it must have some mojo in it somewhere. And I was right. It took me a few patterns to find one that felt just right, but we have on the needles the first Charade sock. I've been admiring this pattern for a while and so far it's been an enjoyable knit. A two row repeat makes for good tv knitting and is just what I was looking for. Hurray for knitting!

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