Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blue Root

Here they are (finally!), pics of the finished Rusted Root. All the details and mods and whatnots are in my previous post. Enjoy!

As for new knitting? I've got nothin'. Nice weather finally arrived and I took advantage!

Beautiful weather can't last forever (can it?) so it's back to knitting. I feel the urge for something new. . . maybe a sweater? Hmm, any suggestions?


Amélie said...

Well since the weather permits I suggest hot pants.

Anonymous said...

Wow Rebecca, do you knit fast or what! You always impress me! A really lovely sweater, and I like that you added a 3/4 sleeve. For some reason I think sweaters shouldn't have short sleeves. The detail on this one is really pretty and simple, it looks like it was fun to knit.

Sometimes a girl just needs a little break from knitting eh?!

You could knit a bikini!!