Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall - the Best Season

I love fall - it is by far my favourite season. The colours, the cool, crisp air, it's an all around awesome time of year. Naysayers will point out that fall is quickly followed by winter, the longest, coldest season, but fall is where it's at. What's not to love about crinkling leaves underfoot? Wood smoke in chilly night air? Unexpectedly warm afternoons? Tasty warm beverages? It's all good according to us here at TBL. I took these photos on an afternoon hike on the Thanksgiving weekend. It was a beautiful day - gorgeous colours and warm sunshine. It was the colours that inspired me to knit these:

These are Nutkin socks by Beth LaPensee, knit up in Fleece Artist merino sock yarn that's been marinating in my stash for ages. The pattern is, as LaPensee suggests, easy to memorize and quick to knit. I enjoyed pattern/colourway combination immensely. I did make a few modifications to the pattern - I used 2.25mm dpns, substituted a flap heel for the short row heel and a round toe for the short row toe. Hmm, it seems that I wasn't feeling the short row love this time around.
I'm pretty happy with these socks, they already have good memories attached to them - I knit most of the first one at the Maritime Fall Fair while watching large horses pull large wagons while I ate some tasty, tasty fudge. A good way to spend an evening if I do say so myself. My only issue is with the fit of the sock - I have found that they tend to twist slightly on the leg. I like to have my socks stay in one place and I wonder if a ribbed cuff instead of the folded cuff would help to keep the sock in line so to speak. A minor quibble as I am pretty pleased with them.
So, it's almost Halloween, it's almost November - it must sweater season. I've got one in the works - do you?


Craftlover said...

I found your nice knitting projects in Facebook 'Knitting group'.
and then I followed the link to your blog and Ravelry.. :)
Wow, I love all your projects, they are so beautiful.
I love the socks that you made, it's great for FALL. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Miss Knit, Fall is a beautiful time of the year! A season most knitters look forward to for sure!!

I love the top right photo, such a warm blue sky against the firey red brush. Beautiful!

Lovely socks as well, I can see how you are always inspired by our rugged coastline.

Can't wait to see your sweater in progress!