Thursday, October 9, 2008

Socks by the sea

My Snappy Sweater wasn't the only knit to get some sun on my photo shoot - my Noro socks got in on the action too. I finished these sometime in late spring and they've hibernating until this week. They fit me better than the photo shows (I had just taken my shoes off and was goofing around with the settings on my camera).
What can I say about these babies? It was a simple ribbed sock, knit from the top down on 2mm dpns. Good and mindless. The colour changes kept things interesting - I love watching the colours play out, it's brilliant. The Kureyon sock yarn has the same issues that the worsted variety does - that irritating thick and thin business and off course those breaks in the yarn that mess up the colour patterning. But, we all know it and we keep going back for more. It's those colours, they sucker me in every time - this is funny because for those of you who know me (Mammals, this one's for you), you know that I'm not into "colour." I prefer monochromatic colour schemes, subtle shading, nothing too "loud." Except, it seems, in my socks.

Happy knitting!


Anonymous said...

Such a nice simple practical sock made beautiful by Noro sock yarn.
See, I don't know what all the fuss is about, I knit with some of this yarn as well and really liked it. No, it's not perfect, it's just the character of the yarn!

How come I haven't seen the lovelies?

Jean said...

Its the funniest things, demure knitters who tastes run to wild colors for socks, when the brighter colors (& great yarn) come up on ebay, its interesting to watch the bidding battle and how high they will go. The socks turned nice and look quite comfy.