Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Winter has arrived

Winter has made it's presence felt this past weekend - blowing in with 30cms of snow and some nippy temperatures. What's a knitter to do? Knit a neck warmer of course!

I decided that it was time to dip into the stash and make myself a quick and cosy project - a cowl was just the thing to help me use up some of those odds and ends. I used three strands of DK weight yarns (Fleece Artist leftovers of blue face Leicester and a kid/silk blend that I've had for ages. No really - I think it might have been one of the first skeins that I ever bought as a knitter) and an 8mm circular needle. I used seed stitch for the edges to prevent curling and plain ol' knitting for the body. I love it. It's thick, soft, drapey and a whole lot of neck-warming awesomeness.

Not content to just wear it around my apartment, I wanted to put it to the test:

Success! I now understand why people like these things so much. I can see more of these little stash busters in my future (and maybe under someone else's Christmas tree). It is one insulating cowl. It kept me cosy while I tromped through the snowy woods.

After my snowy winter hike, I think I need legwarmers to keep the ankles warm. Maybe.

Stay warm and happy knitting!


Anonymous said...

The neck warmer looks lovely!
You decided to nix the pattern and knit it plain? Was it still too stiff even on larger needles?
I like it!
You look so cute out in the woods:)

Jean said...

This color is wonderful for winter, everyone needs a pop of color then. I've been knitting cowls as well, I wore one yesterday and got so many comments. I'll have to make one in blue now as I love the way it stands out from the darker colors.

lycradog said...

Have you seen 'Wanted'? Well, if not, there's this bit in it where 'The Fraternity', a group of assassins, get their orders to kill from fate. Fate, sick puppy that it is, communicates it's intended targets to the assassins in binary code through a loom. When there's a stitch out of place one way, 0, the other,
1. It spells out a name, then Angelina Jolie kills the person while making me want her.

What I'm getting at here is, even if the socks you're knitting tell you to kill me, please don't.