Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I figured it was about time that I post at least one photo of my knitting - as this is a knitting blog afterall, so here is my latest FO. From Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson, I knit my Hourglass sweater using O-Wool's Balance (50% organic wool , 50% organic cotton) on 4.5mm bamboo circular needles, Pony 4.5mm dpns and used a slightly tighter gauge. I hadn't used this particular yarn before, but after knitting with it, I will definitely search it out again. It has a nice papery feel to it and softens beautifully with handling. Hourglass is a great casual sweater, nice and cosy and flattering too. The pattern directions left a little something to be desired as I ended up with an enormously wide neck that slipped off when I shrugged my shoulders and perhaps a bit of attention could have been paid to the whole attaching the arms business, but that's what trial and error are for I guess. In the end, I'm pleased with how it turned out, even if my self-portrait makes me look moody and pretentiously arty. I tried.
I'm in the process of taking photos of my stuff, so in the days to come I'll post a few more pics, including a better one of this sweater.
Until then, happy knitting.


Amélie said...

Since your blog is somewhat secret I thought I would tell you a secret. I am skipping my first class because I can't handle the anxiety of it. Last semester I skipped the whole first week of classes and instead knit my purple robot sweater. I realize this means I have issues but such is life.
The sweater looks good, I can't wait to see it in person!!

Miss B. said...

And so you shall - whenever I actually remember to bring it to work. I'll miss you in the BO, it's not the same knitting by myself. Maybe I can infect - I mean, teach someone else . . .