Friday, September 7, 2007

A lament for Pacafiesta

I love alpaca. Alpaca is my crack. I am hopelessly addicted to it's wonderful softy goodness. I am, for some reason, especially fond of Garnstudio's Drops alpaca. Maybe it's the colours? The deliciously squishy skeins? I don't know, but I own several colours and always buy them in multiples of 7. I am odd. Odd, but consistent. I'm not alone in my love of the alpaca. Among the knitters of my acquaintance, like the lovely and talented Miss A. or knitter extraordinaire Miss J., alpaca is the new cashmere.
My current WIP is the Bird Nest Shawl from Cheryl Oberle's Folk Shawls, worked, in you guessed it, Drops alpaca. Like my unabiding love of the sock book, I'm also pretty fond of shawl patterns for reasons that are completely beyond me. I'm not a lacy girlie girl, they don't really suit my everyday wardrobe and I often consider them way too fussy for everyday wear, but yet, I love them. I chose the Bird Nest pattern because it's lacy without being too busy and the geometric quality of it really appeals to me. Mine will be in one of my favourite colours, a fabulous heathery lavender. I've dubbed it my new "sweater" project as it will take me just as long and require just as much commitment - but without the sewing in of ends. Sweet.
All of this brings me to Pacafiesta. Where have you gone Pacafiesta? I heart you, please come back. Miss A. and I went last year and bought some pretty kick ass yarns and were really looking forward to this year's event. We met some strange - I mean, interesting - people and were super psyched for a return. But it is not to be apparently. No Pacafiesta is listed this year at Exhibition Park. No new postings are to be found. Maybe it's a travelling fiesta? In any case, I guess I'll have to get my alpaca fix somewhere else this year. I'll only hope they too have fibres "straight off the animal".

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Amelie said...

Damn you Paca Fiesta, where else am I suposed to spend money I don't have...