Monday, September 24, 2007

Fresh and Tantalizing

These are my Tantalizing socks, fresh off the needles. I had a heck of a time trying to photograph these silly things (which I choose to blame on my camera rather than my photogrpahy skills). While the pictures may not be fab, the socks are pretty nice.

I did declare a moratorium on knitting for myself so I could get that dreaded Christmas knitting underway, these were an exception as they were already in progress. Besides, I was struck by a bad case of knitterly ADD and couldn't settle on a pattern I liked for the christamas socks and finishing these helped me focus - and conveniently cleared my only pair of 2.5mm dpns. Funny how that works out.

On an unrealted note, I went to the Windsor Exhibition yesterday. I have always made a point 0f checking out the craft displays, especially now that I can knit. The item that was selected best overall knit item, a lovely pair of burgundy kneehigh socks, was lovely and deserved the recognition. The rest should be burned - I mean melted, as it was mostly acrylic in colours nature never intended. Not a good scene. It inspired some ranting and strengthened my intense disliek of honeycomb mittens. I hate those. HATE those things, especially when knit in mustard and maroon. Yick. Of course it was suggested that if I think I can do better, I should enter my knitting. To that I say, no thanks. I don't want to be responsible for whatever happens when I get beat out by that old lady and her acrylic maroon and mustard mitts.

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Jess said...

Miss B, your blog is quite terrific and I have enjoyed perusing your posts. Having seen many of your fo's there are no surprises except the red scarf, which looks great! The photo of your latest socks isn't so bad, I do see what you mean about the colours. The real deal is really quite glorious. Keep up the good work! You make this whole blogging thing kind of tempting!!